Fairview           United Methodist Church

Friendship Chapel

Immediately adjacent to Fairview’s main property, Friendship Chapel is a memorial chapel that we use for special services and weddings.


It officially became property of Fairview in 1993, and the Friendship Chapel Restoration Committee held its first meeting on December 3, 1993. The committee worked for many years to restore the chapel to its present state, replacing carpet, refinishing woodwork, painting and cleaning the cemetery. Work continues today in the form of general maintenance, and the committee is pursing the goal of having it declared an Historic Property.


Friendship Chapel and Fairview Church are the original “Double Churches” of Double Church Road. Presently, two newer Churches now also occupy Double Church Road, but these were both built within the past few years. Fairview and Friendship are both over 100 years old.


Friendship Chapel was originally a separate church, named Friendship Evangelical United Brethren Church, while Fairview was officially named Fairview Methodist Church. Neighbors in the area often attended functions at both churches. Then, in 1968, the Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren Churches merged to form the United Methodist Church. Separate church services continued in the two buildings for a while, but then Friendship was unused and fell into disrepair. Fairview folks realized that they would have to obtain legal ownership of the property in order to preserve it as a memorial chapel. Thus, in 1993, Friendship became legal property of Fairview, and restoration began.