Fairview           United Methodist Church

             The earliest record found of Fairview congregation is in 1861. In that year, Rev. David Harris was appointed as junior pastor of the Winchester Circuit which included appointments to Stephens City, Fairview, Middletown, Strasburg, White Post, Macedonia, Milburn’s and Round Hill. This suggests that there probably was a Methodist preaching point at Fairview before 1861.

             On May 7, 1867, a plot of land eleven poles square was deed by Mr. and Mrs. G.A. White to Fairview and the first church building, a log structure, was then built. The first Sunday School at Fairview Church was organized on May 6, 1888 with Mr. J.H. Canter as the first superintendent.

             The rebuilding of Fairview Church was under construction as early as 1889 and by April 1891, the sum of $750 had been raised. The sanctuary part of the present church was built by Campbell and Beatty, Contractors, at a cost of about $1,000. Under the leadership of the same minister, the Rev. Frank Strother organized and “Aid Society” at Fairview Church on May 10, 1891. No other information was found concerning this Aid Society until the Ladies’ Aid was organized under the leadership of Rev. Floyd M. Lucas on July 10, 1935. The Ladies’ Aid Society became the United Methodist Women in 1992. The Fairvew men have always served Fairview Church in special ways.

             Our Church group experienced some bad time sin 1934 when there was  movement to close Fairview; but according to Rev. Lucas, “We soon put an end to that”. Through the years, a growing Sunday School at Fairview created the need for more educational classrooms, which were added in 1954. In 1964, Mr. and Mrs. Myron “Bud” Ritenour donated some adjoining land; and in 1965, the cemetery was restored. In 1968, the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church merged to form the United Methodist Church. Our Church building was moved back from the road, and in 1969 additional classrooms were added. In 1970, Fairview-Refuge became a two-point Charge. In 1982, more land was donated. In the fall of 1993, Friendship Chapel became the property of Fairview U.M. Church; and the first meeting of the Restoration Committee was held December 3, 1993.

             In 1861, Fairview Church was part of Winchester Circuit. In 1891, we became part of the Stephens City Circuit. In 1952, we became part of the Kernstown Circuit. In 1970, Fairview-Refuge Circuit was formed. Rev. Josiah Andrews served as our 43rd pastor and the first pastor of the Fairview-Refuge Circuit. Seven pastors have served this circuit to date. Rev. B.L. Lock served as our 41st pastor under the Kernstown Circuit and again under the Fairview-Refuge Circute as was our 44th pastor appointment. Our current pastor, Pastor John Lock is our 49th pastor. Rev. B.L.Lock served our church two time under two different circuits, and was a beloved and long-serving pastor. Pastor John is his son.

Fairview’s History

Fairview,  circa 1961

(Image taken from Commemorative Plates)